I love PDF2XL OCR to take any document (scanned or digital) and convert it to an excel file!  I honestly, do not recommend this for converting bank statements, I actually recommend a different program for that called 2qbo Convert Pro because the process will be MUCH faster.  However, I think this is an INCREDIBLE program for converting lists into excel.

Check out Hector’s video on PDF2XL:



Also, if you liked that video, our good friend Seth David from Nerd Enterprises and School of Answers did these four awesome DETAILED videos explaining the power of this software:

Lesson 1 – Bank Statements:


Lessson 2 – Lists:


Lesson 3 – Inventory:


Lesson 4 – Value Pricing data conversions services:

If you save 10+ hours of work using this program, the $299 is worth it

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