the following are the favorite software packages and addons we love to use to import and convert data (specially to eventually import it into QuickBooks)

2qbo Convert Pro by / $249 for the digital PDF conversions + $99/year for Scanned/OCR PDF capability
This standalone software can convert PDF Bank Statements into CSV (Excel) or into a .QBO File (Which is a way to import bank transactions into QuickBooks as if the bank was connected.  Inside QuickBooks, there is an internal module called “Bank Feeds” which is a really fast way to enter data.  Check out this article where Bank Feeds is explained.  We also have a video that explains this program in detail


Transaction Pro Importer Cost $195 for the Import-only functions. 
This standalone software can do direct import CSV or Excel into QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Accountant, or Enterprise) for Windows.   w


PDF2XL by Cogniview. Cost $399 for the Enterprise edition
This standalone software that can read PDF images that contain numbers or text that can be converted into an excel file really easily.  This is a very robust software package that focuses on being best-in-class on an specific function.  This is great for converting lists such as customers, vendors, or products/items.  Hector Garcia, CPA wrote a good article about converting a price list from a PDF document into excel


QuickBooks Accountant Edition years 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 by Intuit.  $349/year (ProAdvisor Program)
Specific tools like: Batch Enter Transactions, Batch Reclassify, and Batch Delete are all components that are only available in QuickBooks Accountant 2013+ (or Enterprise 2015+) that really help up facilitate importing transactions into QuickBooks.  Also the Add Edit Multiple List entries feature that is also available in Pro and Premier is a great feature to import item lists and customers/vendors. We recommend looking at this article about using Bank Feeds vs. Batch Enter


ScanWriter by Personable. Cost $995 + $20/month per active company
It can scan bank statements and directly input the transactions into QuickBooks using its own interal systems for renaming and categorizing. We recommend watching this episode from QB Power Hour in October of 2014 where we do a demonstration of this program


Other Programs we also use (detail review is coming):

  • ScandAll Pro by Fujitsu
  • NeatDesk by The Neat Company
  • Zed Axis
  • Transaction Copier by Big Red Consulting
  • QB2Excel by Information Active
  • CSV2IIF by ProperSoft
  • Data transfer Utility by
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant by Intuit


We will add descriptions to the rest of these soon.

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